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So I thought I would start documenting our land improvement progress. We paid the land off several years ago with the goal of moving from Texas back to Arkansas. We have not been back in Arkansas for about 18 months now and are starting to make progress on getting our land “home” ready.

Mike got a lockable gate up several months ago. This helped keep people from getting in and dumping their trash on our land. I just don’t understand people.

Mike worked hard today cutting down trees and brush to start making things look better. I helped where I could but am now really sore.

The boys spent their day playing in the water. They got really dirty but they played well all day. No fussing for fighting.

Even the dogs had a great day.

It is going to take a lot of time to get things how we want it but I think we will enjoy the process. This is our land and our new home place. I think it will be neat to look over this blog to see the progress.


Got my first batch of custom baby shower invitations using an image from her maternity session. They turned out really good. I was excited to share them with the client and even more excited when they got excited about them. Going to re-think this “customized products” option. Thoughts?

I have officially taken a huge step forward with my business.  I am now an active member of Professional Photographers of America.  They offer so much knowledge and support for a photographer.  Super excited!!

I am fairly new to maternity sessions but have lots of fun practicing. These are a few shots of the Slate’s.







Seems like my To Do list keeps getting bigger instead of smaller. Every time I mark something off I add 2 more things to it. Will there ever be a day that this is not the case? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do and will never give up my passion for photography. I just want to make sure I make the right decisions at the right time.

I am focusing on marketing and branding in 2012 and this morning I found out that my website it not working. Not my idea of the best start.

Guess it is one of those days where I take just one step at a time and keep pushing forward remembering that anything good is worth working for.